Our Capabilities


Spice Chain Corporation sources raw materials from around the globe. From Vietnam for the finest quality Cassia, to Hungary that grow the world’s best Paprika.

Through exclusive supply agreements with premier farmers worldwide for direct sourcing of the highest quality raw materials, and with strict controls for the processing and packaging, Spice Chain consistently manufacturers to the highest possible standards.

At the time of harvest our farmer partners overseas express pre-shipment samples for our approval.

Shipments are released only upon confirmation that the crop has met our rigorous standards.

Our strategic partnerships and long term relationships with our suppliers make it possible to import a wide variety of products with very explicit characteristics allowing us to meet our customer’s individual specifications.

Did you know.. Spice Chain, introduced Hungary’s world famous Paprika to the American market place?



Using state of the art cleaning equipment, we are fully prepared to remove everything from microscopic pathogens to large foreign objects. The use of ‘critical control points’ in the cleaning process is just that, critical, and we implement a lot of them! We use a verity of centrifugal and vibratory sifters, industrial magnets, and ultra-sensitive metal detectors to ensure our products have been cleaned to our rigorous standards.

If you’re product isn’t up to par, we can ensure that that changes.

Product can be cleaned individually, or simultaneously along with milling or blending, saving you valuable time and money.

For the smaller and equally dangerous pathogens, we treat with a verity of methods including ethylene oxide & propylene oxide, steam, gamma irradiation. This verity ensures that we can clean just about any product and exceed all of your requirements.



Spice Chain is equipped for your milling needs.

Converting unprocessed raw materials into high quality food ingredients is Spice Chain' special expertise. We take great pride in delivering customized milling and blending solutions to meet your specific requirements. With a wide verity of mills and advanced particle sizing equipment, we can conform to exacting manufacturing specifications for finished product-- whether in cracked, cut, mesh size specific, or powder form. Our milling department utilizes specialized equipment configurable to various products and customer requirements.

Matching the proper equipment with the requirement allows Spice Chain to produce a large variety of products ranging from -14/+40 mesh “tea cut” flavorings, and cracked or butcher cut pepper to silky-smooth, super-fancy high VO cinnamon.

We guarantee our customers consistency, quality, and cost-effective delivery. Spice Chain’s integrated processing capabilities furnish innovative and cost effective product solutions and guarantee customers consistency and quality.

Did you know: Spice Chain is the premier grinder for the bulk food service industry?



Proprietary blending techniques are one of our specialties. Whether the requirement is for a standard dry blending process or for the planting of oils or liquid flavorings on powders, Spice Chain has the experience and the appropriate blending equipment to produce batch sizes from 500 to 12,000 lbs.

With hundreds of unique and flavorful blends, we’re likely to have what you need. If you’re looking for an extremely innovative and unique flavor, our experienced food scientists can help create that flavor you’re looking for.

Creating blends isn’t just mixing a few ingredients together, equipment, mixing time, operational process, humidity and even temperature are all factors in the outcome. With years of blending experience, we have perfected many unique methods which are executed precisely and meticulously ensuring an even and consistent blend every time.

Let us help you launch that difficult new blend of improve the quality of your products.



Spice chain can deliver exactly what you want, when you need it. From full truck and/or container loads, ton individual case packs and custom solutions, our industrial sales division and food service operation will meet your specifications and requirements.

Product weighing from ½ ounce to 2000 pounds in cartons, bags, jars, tins, bottles, jugs, pouches and totes, is routinely processed in our state-of-the-art newly constructed facility. Additionally, our on-site product development specialists welcome the opportunity to assist in the creation of an innovative solution to help launch and to effectively market your products.

Our Packaging Capabilities Include:

  • Small Bottles and Tins for Retail
  • Bottles, Jugs and Tubs for Food Service
  • Form, Fill & Seal capability for Retail and Batch Packaging
  • Bulk Packaging from 10 lb Boxes and Sacks to 2000 lb Totes


Private Labeling

Foodservice, retail and co-manufacturing. We are geared to produce private brand or private labels. We understand this business and excel in retail, foodservice, club and specialty distribution brands work. We are also a substantial co-manufacturer and with all of our private brand work, confidentiality is a hallmark.

Whether you bring your own brands, packaging, graphics, product development and supply chain, OR you need a partner start to finish, Spice Chain will build you winning products and service.

Come grow with us.