Food Safety

Spice Chain is dedicated to always putting food safety and food quality first. Our hands-on experience in sourcing products from the best growers in the world, allows us to always work with verified materials. Our plants conform and are current with all U.S. regulations, food safety laws and best practices.

By mitigating risk throughout the process, processing with precision, our finished products are always pure, safe and meet your quality needs. We will build the level of testing you desire so we always meet your parameters.

Quality Assurance

Spice Chain Corporation leads the industry in Food Safety.

Our products are tested and re-tested through our entire production cycle. It starts earlier, at the source, then at receipt, throughout the processing and at time of shipment. We test products in our labs inside our facilities and validate outside our facilities.

Spice Chain Corporation is committed to ALWAYS increasing our attention to food quality and safety.

We want to be seated in the front row of the industry when it comes food safety. Spice Chain products are pure, safe and high quality and conform to all regulations and food safety guidelines.

Food Safety is our first priority.


Research and Development

Innovative Spice Trade. We continue to add to our in house expertise in product development. We focus on dry spices and seasonings and that is all we do. This allows us to work closely and quickly with you to deliver the ingredients that help you succeed.

We can modify existing blends, match formulations you have, enhance flavor delivery, aroma and color, and last we take the challenge of reducing your costs as well. The Spice Chain team has developed over 5,000 recipes in our 50 plus years.

Let help with your next challenge.


Certifications / Affiliations

Bona-fide Flavor

All Spice Chain facilities are SQF2000 Level 2 certified i. We are Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International(QAI) and we have HACCP plans in each of our production facilities. Spice Chain is an active member of ASTA (American Spice Trade Association) and are Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

What tells the Spice Chain story best is the company we keep. We produce very precise specifications for some of the most prominent food manufacturers, retailers and restaurant chains in North America.

Quality you can trust.


Source / Supplier Verification

Relationships are everything. We import over 80% of the product we produce and sell. Spice Chain buys directly from growers in more than 25 producing countries around the globe. Our buying staff has spent over 40 years visiting producers worldwide - fostering lasting relationships that empower the business.

Our supplier selection process is a continuing evolution and we constantly seek out the best, most reliable suppliers to bolster our spice trade.

Spice Chain’s unique partnership with its vendors was built on trust. Each vendor guarantees that the materials being imported meet the specified standards of Spice Chain.



Spice Chain understands the need for microbiologically safe products, when it comes to mitigating the risk of food borne illness. Together with partners in industry, Spice Chain offers a number of treatment methods to reduce microbiological counts.

All treatments processes are FDA approved and validated annually by a third party.

Ethylene Oxide & Propylene Oxide – A treatment using a fumigant gas to ensure the elimination of harmful pathogens like E-Coli and Salmonella and offer acceptable microbiological reduction for food products.

These treatments are recommended by the American Spice Trade Association (ASTA).

Steam Treatment – The most natural of treatments used in organic processing and in applications where natural labelling is a must. The use of dry steam to heat the product to temperatures and hold times that ensure microbiological reduction is the basis of this treatment process.

Irradiation – Treatment using gamma irradiation to ensure a 5-log reduction in microbiological growth. The most effective form of treatment in reducing risk.