Industries We Serve


Our fastest growing sector is Foodservice.

Our experience in foodservice, our ability to bring on trend items, on trend packaging, no wasted marketing, and a supply chain that works coast to coast make us a viable and committed partner.

We will build your brand for you, with you, and when we innovate together, we don’t do it for the entire industry, we do it for you.

What can Spice Chain help you with:

  • Are you looking for a custom Citrus-Pepper or an Orange-Anaheim blend?
  • Do you need a pack size that offers operators a new way to save money, keep product fresher, and keep the product integrity?

We’ll do that too.



Retail is a cornerstone of our business. Spice Chain is a major retail provider. Private brands, custom blends, our exhaustive line up of products, and our specialty brands and items make us a great choice. We have best in class packaging options, all shapes, sizes and solutions. Custom and seasonal shippers along with in and out variety packages are also what we do well.

We have the experience of working with innovative and demanding retailers and we accept the challenge of helping the category.

Come grow with us.


Food Processing

Spice Chain is your proven Food Processing partner.

Spice Chain is built for food manufacturers who want farm to fork vertical integration. Our direct importing, North American milling, custom/precise formulation’s and appropriate packaging are what has driven our growth the past decade.

We do it in our plant so we do it right. We have specialized milling and blending equipment that allows us to do any batch size and package it on lines of all speeds. Whether it’s coarse or cut, blended or pure, pail or pouch, box, tote or bag, we have the solution.

We’ll do that too.


Specialty Distribution

We are committed to you.

As the perimeter of the grocery store continues to grow, innovation in spices, seasonings and herbs is a must. We have all of the products and capabilities to help you grow the category with your customers. Our ability to process and package natural, ethnic, and organic offerings, and control the supply chain all the way is one of core capabilities.

Our organics business continues to grow as conventional and specialty retailers broaden their offerings. We look forward to partnering with you to grow.

Spice Chain delivers organic, specialty, natural and ethnic.



Flavor can be healthy. Spice Chain imports and processes spices and herbs with real body benefits. Nutraceutical companies demand quality - and Spice Chain Corporation delivers. We offer the source verification and the organic certification that gives confidence to your final product. We can bulk ship or provide fully packaged Private Label options to suit your needs.

We have the experience of working with innovative and demanding specialty retailers and we accept the challenge of helping the category flourish.

Integrity is the cornerstone at Spice Chain.


Tea / Beverage

The Tea and Beverage market has expanded dramatically.

Spice Chain grinds and cuts for some of the finest tea, coffee, and hot beverage processors and retailers in the U.S. Our capabilities include precision milling, cutting and sifting and custom and granulating for tea and chai.

Cinnamon’s, ginger’s, cloves, nutmegs, allspice and cardamom are among the ingredients we process and custom blend to make hot beverage experiences memorable.

Come grow with us.