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Spiceco and Van de Vries Spice Become Spice Chain Corporation

June 17, 2015 News Brunswick, New Jersey

Van de Vries Spice Corporation and Spiceco, two leading spice processors and packagers acquired on February 9, 2015 by Frontenac Co., have officially changed their name to Spice Chain Corporation. The move to Spice Chain consolidates the company brand into a single cohesive name.

Together the two businesses have become a highly capable, mid-sized, North American importer, processor and packager of spices and seasonings for manufacturers, food service distributors and retailers. The re-branding effort will allow both divisions to market to customers as Spice Chain.

“The re-naming of these two, 50 year old businesses as Spice Chain Corporation is aimed to capitalize on our combined strengths and allow us to offer more services to our customers while we accelerate our growth” said Pat Mulhern, Spice Chain CEO. “We are focused on modernizing and growing this company to give our current customers enhanced product and service offerings while offering new customers around the country a supplier choice that will customize offerings and deliver ingredients for success.”

“Customers of Spiceco knew us for our packaging, product variety and speed,” said Jim Peterkin, who helped lead Spiceco for the past twenty-five years and is now leading food service for the new company. “Now, as Spice Chain, we can offer our customers improved processing techniques—including superior grinding and precision blending—as well as packaging in just every size and form.

“We’ve waited a long time for improved packaging capabilities,” added Tom Schmidt, who runs the manufacturing and retail sales team. “We are thrilled to now be able to deliver.”

About Spice Chain:

A spice, herb and seasonings processor, blender and packager of spices, Spice Chain serves food retailers, manufacturers and distributors across the U.S. Spice Chain has been in business for 50 years, is headquartered in East Brunswick NJ, and operates 3 facilities with over 200,000 square feet of production and distribution.