Spice Chain's Own Brands

Our house brands are fully stocked and ready to ship, full line up.

Spice Grocers: A to Z line up of retail products. We always have inventory and offer a full line up that drives retail sales and margins. Perfect for independent retailers.

Szeged: Our Szeged line up is perfect for retail differentiation, seasonal offerings for the grill or for the Holidays. Unique packaging, supporting unique items, fastest growing product line and finding its way into all specialty and ethnic retailers coast to coast.

Maison Royal and Pride of Malabar: The finest Black Pepper’s available. Ethnic and Specialty retailers across the country merchandise these authentic and unique brands.

Red Rose: A complete line of flavorful spices, herbs, seeds and seasoning mixes.

Spice Chain house brands can be used to quickly stock your shelves with some of the finest spices and seasonings available anywhere.